Top 10 Best Plastic Dog Kennel | Reviews

Top 10 Best Plastic Dog Kennel | Reviews | Pet owners often have to make the tough choice of whether or not they should invest in a plastic dog kennel. Suppose you are on the fence about this purchase. Take a look at these ten best options available for sale now. These kennels come highly rated and can be found online through Amazon or other top online retailers.

From large spaces that can handle multiple pets to small individual ones. There is something here for every pet owner looking for an affordable way to provide their dogs with safe housing while away from home.

In need of a way to travel with your pup? Plastic Dog Kennel is the perfect solution! Airline-approved plastic dog kennels provide plenty of space.

It can be easily fastened by using belts or straps. Additionally, these seats meet all requirements needed by airlines today because they’re built from durable materials like polycarbonate, making them lightweight yet strong enough for any trip you take.

Even those endless hours on end at 3500 feet up in the air as well as around town during day-to-day use. So long as it doesn’t exceed 180 degrees Fahrenheit due mainly to the material’s high-heat tolerance.

You have a choice of different styles and colors when it comes to buying the perfect plastic dog kennel. Suppose you are not sure what kind of pet housing will work best for your canine companions. This section should help point out some options that might meet all their needs!

Petmate Sky Kennel Plastic Dog Crate

The Petmate Sky Kennel is a plastic dog crate perfect for traveling. It has ventilation on both sides and three doors, making it more convenient than other types of metal or wire kennels. That only has one entry at the front with no room behind it to store anything else inside without creating more clutter on your flooring space!

Suppose you’re planning on taking your dog with you when flying. Make sure to get them an airline-approved kennel. Petmate dominates the market for metal and plastic pet travel cages. They also have a significant range of plastic dog kennels.

That meets all criteria needed by airlines who want their customers’ pets transported safely. While traveling in cargo holds or as checked baggage. There’s no need to search elsewhere!

  • Sturdy design.
  • No door at the top.
  • Proper and limited air vents help optimum airflow inside.
  • Includes a hanging bowl.
  • Comes with a live animals sticker. (a requirement from air cargo regulations)
  • Plastic nut-bolts are perfect for the house. They’re not compliant with airline standards, but they will do in a pinch!

In-Depth Review

Although we described it as an airline-approved dog kennel, this one is not accurate. You will have to modify a few of its components for your pet’s safety and security during travel with us!

IATA rule says that metal fasteners should be used in a plastic dog kennel or metal dog kennels. The manufacturer of this product has eleven tie-down bolt holes. But they’re all made out of plastic nuts and bolts instead. I’m sure you can find something similar to match these if it’s an issue for your airline!

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The apparent product stands at the top position amongst all other plastic dog kennels on this list. It has a sturdy, hard plastic body. It is with little air vents that keep dogs confined to their cells and unable to peek out in hope continuously.”

Additionally, this door is not at the top of your bike, so you can carry it or even fasten a seatbelt through.

The best part of this deal is that you get a kennel with an -hanging water bowl. The designers claim it’s spillproof due in large part Because they’ve designed it for air travel. But let’s face facts: planes move so unexpectedly during take-off and landing. It’s hard to avoid spilling anything when everything moves around!

Small breed dogs to medium-sized dogs measuring up to 30-33 inches of height (vertically) can benefit from this product.

Amazon Basics Top-Load Plastic Dog Crate

The AmazonBasics Top-Load Plastic Dog Crate is an excellent option for looking to save some money. It’s durable, lightweight, and has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy on your hands when you’re carrying or lifting heavy items at home!

It is one of the best-known brands in this market. Amazon basics have accumulated a loyal following. The products they sell are all highly acclaimed for their usefulness and economic profile. Many people prefer them over similar competing brands. Because they dominate on price while still offering good quality features or performance capabilities.

While this product is not ideal for traveling. It has all the features you need, with an opening door at the top and easy handling options.

This product will save your time in comparison to other competitive products on offer. For only having one major drawback – its height.

We feel like our latest pick makes up enough ground with perks such as warranty coverage and a low price tag. So don’t miss out by ignoring airline safety regulations. Just because something else may be better suited outside these terms.

  • Easily operable latches(locking the top and bottom halves of the kennel)
  • Good ventilation with small vent holes.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Top opening gate.
  • The top opening gate is not an airline-compliant feature.
  • The top handlebar seems inappropriate on an opening full door.

In-Depth Review

When it comes to design and aesthetics. Starting with our main grill door has a reliable locking mechanism. That can hold your boisterous dog inside. In addition to that. There are four easy-click lock latches that will keep both the top half and bottom halves secure. So you don’t have to worry about anything getting out!

Nut-bolts fasteners may be convenient. But they do not last as long and can pose a risk to your pup if you want them for short periods. Whereas this product is excellent if you’re looking to crate train them!

The manufacturer has equipped your RV with six tie-down holes. You can use nut-bolt fasteners, but it is recommended that you go for metal ones to not rust or lose their grip over time.

A large number of ventilation holes in this plastic dog kennel will allow for maximum airflow and minimal light.

By the way, this product has a top-load option. It may not sound appealing for some dogs who are hesitant or have never gone inside from their crate before. So it’s best if you check with your vet about whether they’re healthy enough to use that gate access point before purchasing!

This seatbelt-enabled Window kennel allows your dog to see outside while traveling in the car. When they are calm and want a window view, this is very convenient for both of you!

In addition to its design, this plastic dog kennel is also suitable for small dogs that measure no more than 12 inches tall. This means it’s the perfect size and shape for a bunch of different dog breeds!

Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel

This is for the second time that we have listed this product. But it’s different from when you heard about them in the first place. For starters, their top opening door has an easy locking mechanism, and they’re not even close to being average!

The top door feature is a welcome addition for pet parents who find it easy to clean the plastic dog crate. Their loyalty also lies in this convenience factor. While its affordability and pleasing aesthetic appearance make them think that this product has more benefits than downsides!

Despite all the advantages we have listed above. An AmazonBasics plastic dog kennel tops our list. The reason? Metal fasteners attach both top and bottom halves. This means no more worries about easy latches breaking or holding you back when loading up your pup in style!

  • Big vent holes make the air circulation easy.
  • One of the best locking mechanisms.
  • Excellent top door vents and lock.
  • Metal nut-bolt fasteners increase sturdiness.
  • Too much airflow during winters is not desirable.
  • Not suitable for a dog with separation anxiety unless you use a crate cover.

In-Depth Review

The AmazonBasics dog crate is a great starter, but this all-new plastic kennel has trumped the metal one. It’s got bigger vents for better air circulation. It can an even more reliable locking mechanism that makes it feel much safer than its predecessor!

The Petmate Plastic Dog Kennel is one of the best-looking kennels out there. It has a sleek and simple design that will suit any home décor. As well as better quality than your average plastic dog cage. Thanks to its polished finish on all sides!

The top load plastic dog crate has a sturdy design. Considering the metal grill front and full door, as well as fastening nuts to attach both halves of this plastic dog kennel. It becomes easy for anyone (including those who are not too handy) to screw or unscrew with just their bare hands!

The plastic dog crate is not only stylish but also features a fastener for detachment. This makes it easy to attach or detach the pet carrier with just one tool!

The top door is a great way to make your cage cleaning more manageable. But putting an animal inside can be tricky. When you use it from the front instead of the back entrance. They’ll feel like there’s nowhere comfortable for them in their space. So it’s best if we switch things around and put our dog through one more step when getting loaded up with kennel supplies – bottom entry!

The car ride will be a lot more fun for your dog, as he can enjoy looking outside and seeing what’s going on. You might even want to stop by the grocery store while you’re out!

The small dog crate is excellent for those piddling little doggies who like to find their way out of things. This plastic kennel will hold your inquisitive pup securely inside. So don’t worry if the last one was too big and he managed to escape!

PetGear Plastic Dog Crate With Built-in Handle/Wheels

Pet Gear takes pride in making the most stylish and durable dog houses. They are known for their unique design.  This is why it can be challenging to miss out on one of these products. When you’re shopping around! Petgears features include spacious living quarters with plenty of ventilation inside.

As well as an outside kennel that’s perfect even if your pup enjoys running free outdoors sometimes too much. In contrast, others prefer cozier spots like indoors where he belongs anyways.

Plastic Dog Kennel

Furthermore, Pet Gear is a brand that makes several other tools and products useful for pets, especially dogs. This company has set the benchmark all others must compete against with their high-quality plastic dog kennels.

They come in different sizes to cater to your every need. As well as provide safety from harsh weather conditions. Such inclement or hot sun exposure during the summer months. When going outdoors’ travel trailers are great choices too!

Additionally, there may be drawbacks to this particular type, but I’ll go into those below before continuing.

  • Good design and built.
  • The folding feature is impressive. It is similar to that of a metal dog crate.
  • Various color options are just a bonus.
  • Front and top door usage is fun and convenient for crate training.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Wheels at the bottom make the handling easier.
  • Maximum airflow.
  • Not suitable for dogs having separation anxiety.
  • Due to the meshed wireframe, winter will require a dog crate cover.

In-Depth Review

We will start with the good things about this product and then discuss some cons to it. You can read through for more information on both sides before making your decision to make an informed choice!

This is a plastic dog crate having a little more metal in its build than just a metal grill door. Here all the sides are made of plastic and metal walls and even the door too. There is a blow mold plastic attached with a metal grill for sturdiness and ventilation.

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It’s incredible how the walls of this kennel can hold a medium-sized dog in them. The metal mesh and plastic give all four sides enough strength to keep animals inside without any problem at all. Even for larger or heavier breeds like Great Danes!

When you’re done with your walk, just pull up on one side of the dog house and roll it back into place. With an easy-to-move design like this. It’s no wonder why professionals choose to use kennels for their service dogs!

This plastic dog crate is not only great for spacious living. But it also has an easy open and retracts-the-door option with its swivel front door. Which can be moved up to 90 degrees. The sliding top side makes training fun!

The top opening door makes pet handling tasks a breeze for parents. The front gate can stay open, and the crate serves as an excellent den. This makes it easy to keep your pup from getting bored or distracted while you’re at work!

The best part about this product is that it has a sleek, stylish design. It can be used as an attractive alternative to purchasing a wooden dog crate. Wooden crates are pretty expensive and uncomfortable over time because their natural materials age quickly.

In contrast, though Plastic Dog Crates are not only affordable. But also durable, giving you peace of mind knowing your pet will always feel comfortable inside!

If you are looking for something new and creative but still want your pet’s personality captured in the design, choose this product. If they’re too stubborn to cooperate with us or if we can’t get their attention at all, then don’t worry. 

There is another option available on our website. These concerns won’t matter as much. Because it includes a personalized photo rather than just using one from google images like before.

Aspenpet Pet Porter Kennel, For Pets

Aspen pet products is a subsidiary brand of Petmate. This company manufactures various top-quality items for dogs, cats, and birds from their most famous plastic dog crate!

The products have much in common but still manage to differ drastically. The Ruff Maxx portable plastic dog kennel is an apparent plastic crate. While the other two products seem more similar. Though it’s hard to tell without knowing what they are made from or how they’re designed for specific purposes.

I can’t help you because I don’t know anything about their capabilities as a crating solution specifically!

  • Affordable price tag.
  • Plenty of airflows even suits a dog with a dense coat.
  • Eleven fastening nut-bolt holes.
  • Below average built quality.
  • A common complaint from customers regarding its poor build quality.

In-Depth Review

The Aspen plastic dog crate has an excellent fastening provision. There are eleven holes for nut-bolts. It’s delivered with metal ones that you will have to purchase separately if taking your pup on an airplane trip!

The crate is equipped with plenty of ventilation options. The lower detachable part can be set to maintain darkness, and there are four vents in total!

The plastic of this product is lower grade and can be easy for your dog to tear off the crate by mouthing. But it takes a wild soul pup with lots of chewing initiative.

Its determination, or stubbornness (or all three)to take apart their human-made prison! The point here is that if you’re not careful enough – they could hurt themselves in the process.

If your dog is calm and not too mouthy. Then you can select the apparent plastic dog crate to keep them safe. It should have a door with locks. So they cannot chew through it or push it open. As well as an easily cleaned surface for their comfort while staying indoors at night time!

The Aspen Pet Products line of dog crates is a subsidiary of the famous pet supply company, Petmate. You can get an affordable product with its name on it. You won’t have to worry about quality because they’re part of this trusted brand!

MidWest Homes for Pets Spree Plastic Dog Travel Crate

Midwest makes a variety of pet products to keep your dog safe and happy. Its plastic dog crate takes the lowest position in popularity. At the same time, Midwest’s wired kennels sit at number two on our list with their affordable prices.  For such high-quality materials as steel or aluminum available to purchase online today!

Plastic Dog Kennel

Though it may seem like a wrong quality product, MidWest dog crates hold the sixth position. This is only because they specialize in producing chew-proof plastic cages for toy breed dogs.

It’s not all types of canines as some other brands do offer such things depending on what type you’re looking at. A soft-sided one would work just as well if your pup has no issue with chewing through softer materials!

  • Very economical
  • Easy to set up and fold down
  • Minimum fasteners attachment design.
  • Handling the crate is simple.
  • Only suitable for toy breed dogs.

In-Depth Review

Firstly, this is a plastic dog crate designed for smaller breeds of dogs. So before you go out and buy. It is because your pet weighs too much or has some other issue from what. We need to be aware of when purchasing crates. Remember that not all pets can use them. Especially if they’re still very young!

Well, puppies are not supposed to be alone in the house. So you’ll need a dog crate for when they’re home by themselves or left at their own will while adults do some errands.

This is also true if your pup has a toy breed. We recommend choosing either one of these plastic crates: The first thing that comes into mind might seem like an indestructible metal cage.

But it isn’t because animals can chew through steel bars quickly enough. Plus, something is satisfying about knowing your pet feels safe inside their space even if all else fails.

The design and build quality of the travel crate is quite good. There’s no need for sturdiness for toy breed dogs because they can’t handle being outside in bad weather all year round. Just protect them during the winter months when it gets freezing out!

Saving a pup from the cold is an often overlooked necessity that can help them stay healthy. The unique design of this crate ensures plenty of airflows. Which keeps your little bundle cozy and warm no matter what kind of weather you’re experiencing outside!

If you’re looking for the best plastic dog kennel, then this product should be at the top of the list. It’s cozy and easy to set up!

PetSafe Solvit Mr. Herzher’s Indoor Wicker Crate for Dogs

The apparent plastic dog crate is a hybrid of the two materials. The mesh metal wire stands as its skeletal frame. While fibrous walls complete what remains to be assembled for this durable container. Which can hold up under pressure from even your most enthusiastic pup!

Plastic Dog Kennel

  • Premium appearance. (similar to any wooden dog house)
  • Removable floor pan.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Isolated legs below the floor.
  • Not suitable for a dog having a mouthing habit.
  • Slightly expensive.

In-Depth Review

The best way to ensure that your dog’s kennel is a good fit for both you and Fido alike, it needs to match their decor. With wooden or plastic options available, they can choose what suits them better at home with the family in style!

The design and construction of the apparent dog house are similar to that of a conventional one. It has some unique features.

There’s an inward-opening door with two latches. That secures your pup inside when they’re not let out for potty breaks or playtime in their new home!

A removable pan beneath the floor makes cleaning up after your pup easy and convenient. This is an excellent feature for those who have plastic dog houses. Because it isn’t always possible to take off their floors. But not with one of these handy pans!

SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling Plastic Dog Crate

Sportpet Designs is a small company that makes sure its products exceed customer expectations. They manufacture dog houses, cat beds, and various other pet accessories like collars or leashes to meet the needs of every animal lover out there!

Moreover, the manufacturer specializes in making the perfect pet houses for dogs and cats.

Plastic Dog Kennel

  • Airline approved. (without rolling wheels)
  • Have four rolling wheels.
  • Hanging food & water bowl included.
  • Appropriate location of vents.
  • Delicate wheels.
  • Some customers complained that the product quality is terrible. (by their experiences)

In-Depth Review

The rolling plastic dog crate is a great product. That complies with almost every airline approval guidance except for one- it has wheels. But don’t worry; the manufacturer took care of you by making those removable!

This plastic dog crate is similar to the Sky Kennel from Petmate. Both of these kennels have a more or less identical design and construction and are made out of similar materials!

The innovative design of this kennel makes it easy to transport. The handles on top make handling a breeze, as well as pushing or lifting with just one hand!

The customers who purchased this product were not satisfied with its durability. They noticed that the wheels break off very quickly. Even strong dogs can bend them to escape soon, making it unsafe for pets or children alike!

Petmate Compass Plastic Pets Kennel with Chrome Door

This kennel will not be suitable for a curious dog or one with separation anxiety. As soon as they see the surroundings. It’ll make their stay inside less restful and calm because of all this new territory!

Plastic Dog Kennel

  • Easy attaching and detaching via sliding groves and clip lock.
  • More airflow.
  • Easy two-way door locking.
  • There are four holes for putting tie-down bolts.
  • A bit expensive.
  • More vent holes can be suffering during winters.

In-Depth Review

The above section describes how this kennel features a clip lock and sliding grooves. For attaching the top or bottom of your dog’s crate. You can use four nut bolts for sturdy locking that won’t damage their teeth when they chew on it!

Put the kennel together like a puzzle. Slide it on top of each other with matching groves, then close up any gaps with clips at both ends!

The handlebar on top of the crate makes for easy handling. And with sturdy plastic material and an open design. It can hold any size dog inside.

The best plastic dog crates are the ones that will keep your pup cool and comfortable. These products have been designed with different breeds in mind. So you can choose this type of crate only if they’re prone to overheating or need more air circulation than most dogs’.

Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

We have chosen the final product from the most famous brand Petmate for the plastic dog crate section. After having four products in the current review list of plastic dog houses. Further description of this brand is unnecessary. Thus, jumping onto the product review of this last dog house.

Plastic Dog Kennel

  • Sufficient air vents.
  • Reliable locking mechanism
  • This product is similar to Sky kennel, with nothing unique to offer.
  • Not the best quality product from Petmate.

In-Depth Review

Interestingly, the apparent plastic dog kennel has a lot in common with Sky Kennels’ plastic dog crate. Both products are identical. Which seems to be part of their marketing strategy for making these items seem more appealing than they are.

However, this product has been made into the list of the top best products for its reliability. You can choose this crate as your pup is calm and small.

If you have a smaller dog or cat that doesn’t need much space to roam around during their stay at home with me!

Looking at its build quality, you will be disappointed by the pet crate’s below-average plastic. The complaints about this kennel are expected. It was quickly broken into and damaged on multiple occasions by one of their dogs. Who managed to bust open walls inside of it for them all out!

Buyers Guide

How to Select a Plastic Dog Crate

Selecting the best dog crate is essential so your pet can thrive in it. Choose one that accommodates all of their needs and preferences, including whether or not they like being crated at times!

The perfect plastic dog crate for your furry friend is out there. But it’s up to you which one. When looking at various features like size and weight regulations. Ensure that they meet airline criteria before purchasing!

The following factors will guide you in selecting the “perfect” type of carrier or kennel. Ones made from durable material. Such as steel wireframes with rigid walls (to prevent excessive movement allowing airflow).

Topped off by soft surfaces like carpeting on floorboards near their sleeping quarters. Hence, dogs feel comfortable laying down all day long inside their haven, away from dangers outside.

Size and ventilation of a crate depending on the individual preferences of your dog. For example, if you have a large breed with lots of furs. It will need more vents to keep them comfortable.

At the same time, smaller dogs only require less. Because their coats don’t trap as much heat inside due to being thinner-textured fabrics or lacking insulation. Like thicker breeds do in cold weather conditions.

In many cases, it’s essential for pet owners who own both types. The larger ones need more space from time spent sleeping next door.  As well as those that constantly shed. To get two crates set up side by side instead of one hefty outer carrier. Which could quickly wear out the fabric over extended use.

Moreover, if the dogs weigh less than 14 kg, they can stay in one crate during transportation, depending on their excellent compatibility. Similarly, up to three pups from the same litter are allowed per crate if this weight limit applies to you as well!

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Plastic Dog Crate

If you want the best plastic dog crate, make sure that it meets these critical requirements. A safe and lightweight design are essential for your pup’s health while also being affordable in terms of cost is important too!

#1 Plastic Dog Crate Sizes

The best plastic dog crate is the one that fits your pet’s needs. You can choose from various sizes and heights to find something perfect for you, no matter how high or low-volume an animal might be.

Plastic Dog Kennel

Dogs are naturally curious and teem to explore. Suppose you’re buying a dog crate for them. In that case, the size of their enclosure must allow enough space to move around comfortably. It performs specific tasks like sleeping or eliminating waste material from inside without feeling cramped up in an uncomfortable position.

Likewise, the dog’s crate should be large enough for it to sit comfortably and stretch out. A significant factor when considering which type of pet carrier you’ll need is whether or not your pup will grow into an adult size over time. Even though they may seem like small dogs in their youth, these animals can get up there.

The best way around this issue would be to get yourself a more extensive model once needed. So that everything fits nicely without feeling cramped no matter how much roomy-feeling one’s home environment might otherwise provide.

While many owners state that their dogs can stay alone in the house while being confined to a crate. This does not mean it will be easy. Some report severe damage from barking or howling. When they are created but have lived happily without any extra noise issues outside of their closed quarters.

Do not allow your dog to jump out of the pen. You must pick a side wall high enough so they cannot get above it and hurl themselves over the top. Indoor exercise pens are best for small breeds or puppies. While larger outdoor spaces suit medium-sized dogs better.

#2 Temperament of the Dog

The size of your pup is essential to take into account when choosing the best dog crate. The plastic ones are usually reliable and will keep an intelligent animal inside. But not for those with mouthing habits or aggressive dogs. They can harm their teeth on any materials in there (plastic).

Moreover, the dogs with mouthing habits will start chewing on the walls of their crates. If such an animal finds a spot to keep chewing, he might create a massive opening in his crate!

A plastic dog crate is not the best option for a large or strong canine. However, if you’re looking to get something small and lightweight, this could work out perfectly!

#3 Easy Cleaning of Plastic Dog Crate

A plastic dog crate will have a tray on the floor, which you can take out and wash. You may also need to open it to clean it well, but all of my clients tell me they love this feature!

However, it will become a lot more time-consuming task to do. You’ll have to put down either an absorbent mat or plastic crate pad if your dog likes the floor clean and dry at all times!

#4 No Sharp Components Harmful for a Dog

Some dogs are so curious that they will continuously be on a quest to see how much power or strength they have. These canines may try chewing, pushing the wall joints open, and doing this. End up hurting themselves because of sharp edges. To keep these paws safe from injury, we recommend getting one with minimal edge-topped plastic crates for your pup’s good!

#5 Selecting Dog Crate Covers

In the winter, a dog’s body needs more airflow to stay warm. A plastic crate with limited circulation will not be enough for them in cold months. It could even cause air toxicity because of insufficient oxygen supply. Considering how much energy it takes to maintain life!

If you want to keep your dog happy and safe, then it must be in a cozy space with the right temperature. A good idea for this would be purchasing an animal-proof plastic crate cover!

To keep your pup warm during the winter, it’s best to put them in a crate or bed with some blankets. You can also use heated mats for their paws if they seem especially cold while outside!

#6 Selecting Dog Crate Pads

A dog’s crate pad is not just for their comfort. It also helps maintain the integrity of plastic crates. Which can become weak and bendable with time due to wear or even simple negligence on behalf of the owner’s caretakers neglecting it like leaving food inside!

A durable dog bed will keep your pup happy during any adventure. At the same time, you’re gone at work all day long. Something worth considering if this becomes routine in your household. Because the time they spend in their crate is how most dogs learn to handle separation anxiety.

Moreover, you can use a waterproof pad cover to save everyone from the situation. However, it’s your fault when there is no toilet break for dogs in their crates – they have an accident!

Advantages and Disadvantages of a
Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Plastic Dog Crate
Plastic Dog Crate

Plastic dog crates can be an excellent choice for people who want to pack a lighter. At the same time, there are some demerits like durability and injury risk associated with plastic materials that may not be ideal in all situations. But these drawbacks have been significantly reduced over time as advancements continue being made.”


  • Less visibility helps a dog with separation anxiety.
  • Limited airflow maintains the warmth inside the crate.
  • Mostly the plastic dog crate is eligible for airline approval.
  • The plastic dog crate detaches into two halves, one of them can be use as a dog bed.
  • Lesser chances of a dog breaking out of the plastic dog crate.
  • Unlike metal ones, no possibility of a dog hurting himself inside a plastic dog crate.
  • Have a lighter weight.


  • Generally, costs are higher than the metal dog crates.
  • During winters, a warm bed and crate cover will be necessary.
  • Does not have a provision of a divider.
  • No tray makes the cleaning difficult.
  • Also, the limited airflow keeps the odor of his accident inside the crate for a while.
  • Not ideal for a dog with a furry coat. (they need more air circulation)

Airline Approved Dog Crate Requirements

Plastic dog crates are not just for your average backyard breeders. The idea of having a plastic pet was first introduced in 1963 with Polypropylene Plastic Pipes by DuPont. Now they come in different sizes to suit any need. You can find them at local stores or buy them online. If you want something quick and easy, plus there’s no shipping fee – what could be better?

A plastic dog crate is not the only type of pet carrier allowed for airline cargo transport. Other materials such as metal, wood, or plywood fiberglass can be used according to IATA standards.

The most popular type of dog crate is meshing metal, without any plain walls. This allows for ventilation, but it’s not allowed if you have an aggressive breed or one with plastic in them. These cannot be transported at all because they don’t protect from outside interference like a solid surface would do.

The IATA has specified the parameters of an ideal dog crate. These are divides into different categories. With each type being more in-depth than previous ones on ventilation holes or size requirements, for example, etc…

In addition to the IATA’s rules, many airline companies have their own set of detailed regulations. Though they don’t directly contradict this particular regulation from an animal-shipping company like Air cargoasia or Petcargo international.

You will need to contact them for guidance depending on where your dog is going and from which country they originated. Order to ensure a safe journey!


1. Are Plastic Dog Crates Safe?

Yes, solid plastic crates are more appropriate than other types for secure travel. They may also be safer during a car accident and offer less visibility in comparison to wire cages. That can create safety hazards while traveling on an airplane or being left unattends at home with your pet dog. Who suffers from separation anxiety when you go. He alone all day long!

2. What is the best plastic dog crate?

The Petmate Sky Kennel is the best plastic dog crate because it has an easy-to-use locking mechanism and a handle at the top for carrying. The rugged metal grills will allow maximum airflow, allowing your pup some light into the kennel during travel time!

3. Why do you need a plastic dog crate?

Traveling with your dog can be a great experience, but it’s essential to take care of their needs as well. Plastic dog crates are an excellent choice. When you are flying because they offer maximum protection and help keep the animal safe during travel. Whether in a car or airplane.

Most airlines recognize that strong-walled plastic kennels have been tested by reputed testing agencies like CAA (The Council for Accreditation of Engineering Societies). This means these products passed rigorous safety standards. So you know precisely what kindle store online enjoy peace of mind knowing plastic Dog Crates.

The EndNote

These were the plastic dog houses we think will suit your pup just fine.

One final word from us to conclude the review will be ‘never put a boisterous pooch in a plastic dog crate.’ And if you want your pup trained and crated correctly, we have one easy six-step guide for success!


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