Hanging Tree Dog Breed Complete Guide

The Hanging Tree Dog is one of the best dog breeds to have around your home. They are very affectionate and love to be around people, children especially. These dogs are also great with other household pets. If you are looking for a new addition to your family, then this could be the perfect breed for you!

The hanging tree dog has many advantages over other breeds because it’s so loving and friendly towards humans. It loves spending time with its owner, which makes training easy. They’ll want attention from you all the time.

This dog gets along well with others in general but doesn’t do well when left alone for long periods without getting enough attention from its owners. 

The Hanging Tree Dog, also known as the hanging tree cow dog, is a challenging and courageous pet. He loves to take care of all types of cattle. The breed was bred by farmers in Ireland for years ago with this specific task when they needed protection from their animals on farms where there might not be another human around!

The Hanging Tree Dog is one of those rare breeds that you’ll only come across once in your life. This article will cover everything about these dogs and how to care for them as well!

You may be wondering what they’re like. So please read on for all the information available on this exciting breed from their history down through some common health problems faced by male AND female members.

Hanging Tree Dog – History 

The Hanging Tree Dog is a working and herding breed of dog developed in the 1980s by Gary Ericsson and his son Choc. They wanted to create an exceptional cattle dog.

One capable not only for endurance but also harsh weather conditions like those at their ranch on “Hanging Tree Ranch.” They need these dogs who could easily challenge livestock while working during the winter months when other types would give up due to heatstroke or snow-covered ground slowing them down too much. 

This made it necessary for farmers with large herds, which needed constant supervision over many square miles. So they chose never to allow any getaways! The original idea behind developing something new had been around long before then.

The Hanging Tree Dog is a mixture of four breeds:

  1. 3/8 of a Border Collie is better than any other breed for herding instincts and intelligence.
  2. 1/8 Catahoula (for its ability to find cattle and slick coat)
  3. 1/4 Kelpie for endurance and short hair
  4. 1/4 Australian Shepherd (for its courage and ability to handle any cattle)

The Hanging Tree Dog is one of America’s most famous cattle dogs, though not an official breed by the AKC. Nevertheless, its comprehensive support comes from people who value it for what it can accomplish with horses or cows alike.

Whether they are working sheep farmers on horseback, truck drivers are driving big rigs through rough terrain. Where fences don’t always make sense anymore (or ever), ranchers are tending to their flocks out here near nowhere towns like ours.

Everyone uses this canine companion when you need help sorting things out because nobody knows how challenging each task will be until your back’s against them!

Registered & Unregistered Hanging Tree Dogs

Not all dogs that have the same mix of breeds are Hanging Tree Dogs. Like these canines found nowhere else in America, all hybrid animals try their best to uphold Gary Ericsson’s legacy—and they should.

These aren’t your average mutts; everyone has been screened for DNA testing before being called a “Hanging Tree Cowdog Association Dog.”

Hanging Tree Dog

Hanging Tree Dog Breed Complete Guide

The Hanging Tree Dog is one of the best dog breeds to have around your home. They are very affectionate and love to be around people, children especially. These dogs are also great with other household pets. If you are looking for a new addition to your family, then this could be the perfect breed … Read more


If you’re not descended from this great Swedish pioneer by way of his original line-bred pups born over 50 years ago at Mount Tamalpais near the San Francisco Bay Area, then there’s sadly no hope left for you when it comes down to how good looking.

Registration is essential for Hanging Tree Dogs because this is how you confirm whether or not it can herd cattle. To be able to overpower livestock with ease.

These dogs need a firm grip and sharp senses of hearing that will allow them to listen closely to the commands from their owner’s mouth. So they don’t get too close into any unwanted territory, such as biting cattle’s heels while running away.

Registration on an animal like a hanging tree dog should include information about size, aggressiveness towards other animals (including humans), sound/lousy temperament during handling, etc.

Aside from having its DNA tested. A Hanging Tree Dog will have to complete an obstacle course using your commands. Your dog can fetch cattle and guide them through a judged system on control!

Once a Hanging Tree Dog is certified, it becomes one of the Supreme Qualified dogs. The HTC recommends that only these breeds be bred to produce cattle herding instincts like those found in hanging trees themselves!

The difference between an unregistered and registered Hanging Tree Dog is that the former are descended from Gary Ericsson’s original dogs. Still, they have not completed any official herding obstacle course.

On the other hand, a dog with registry status can compete in competitions across North America to earn points for its breed club or association. Just like people would go on different types of raffles if you had money available!

Suppose you want to have your hanging dog. The breed must be registered. If not for working cattle dogs but as just a family pet without training or showing them in competition.

Then this isn’t necessary at all, so they won’t be penalized by law enforcement officials if apprehended outside their intended purpose with legal documentation identifying its originator and kennel club standards. They observed accordingly between both parties involved whether accidental mixups occur during the shipping process due to diligence.

Personality – Hanging Tree Dog’s

Hanging Tree Dogs are known for their courage and tenacity. These fearless dogs can handle any cattle, including cows that weigh more than twice their size—hounded by wolves or bears? Need to guard your flock from coyotes running amok in the night sky above you while braving high wind chases down flying critters scurrying across the open ground below.

All at once- these canine foot soldiers will hold firm no matter what comes along. Because they’re brilliant (and easy)to train to make them impressive pets as well.

These dogs are the perfect high-energy pets. Because they were bred to have a lot of stamina, you can expect your Hanging Tree Dog not only to have natural herding and hunting instincts but also an extraordinary level of energy!

The Hanging Tree Dog is known for its loyalty and quick wit. They are perfect as pets, especially if you have an active lifestyle, as most cowboys do!

Hanging Tree Dogs are known for being a little overwhelming. They’re not always in the mood to play, and you might find yourself cleaning up after them more often than expected. These high-energy canines have been destructive since they spend so much time wanting nothing but fun from their owners.

Which could make your life difficult if these behaviors continue unchecked. That said, though…on one side of this spectrum, there’s an active dog who loves going on walks or playing fetch at all times while enjoying himself. Then down below lie laidback types like ourselves with yard duties as our occupation (I know what mine would look like)?

Size & Appearance 

The Hanging Tree Dog is a medium-sized, muscular breed of canine. That can easily track scents and find any livestock strays away from the herd. They have sturdy necks to make them stand out in bold contrast against their muscular builds with domed heads. These are ideal for tracking down lost articles or people who’ve gotten separated off by accident.

Hanging Tree Dogs are a type of dog with balanced proportions, and they’re slightly taller than they are long. The average weight for this breed is about 40 to 60 lbs when fully grown. But males can range from 30-80 pounds while females stay around the 50 mark. No matter what size you get!

These sturdy dogs have large paws that allow them to run quickly and easily cover any terrain. Their short but durable coats protect against hot summers. While their pointed ears or docked tails make these canines stand out in a crowd!

The Hanging Tree Dog’s physical features are perfect for an active lifestyle. This includes its well-developed muscles at the shoulders and strong hindquarters, which help propel it through rough terrains with ease without tiring too quickly as other breeds might do after running briefly.

Coat – Hanging Tree Dogs 

Hanging Tree Dogs are a breed that has been around for centuries. They have an exciting coat that can be any color or pattern and come in many different lengths depending on the dog’s needs.

Also, Include

  • Blue Merle, Tan, and White
  • Black and White
  • Black Tricolor
  • Blue Merle
  • Brindle
  • Blue Merle and Tan
  • Blue Merle and White
  • Black
  • Black and Tan
  • Brown/Chocolate
  • Brown/Chocolate and White
  • Lilac Merle
  • Lilac
  • Red and White
  • Red Merle
  • Red Tricolor
  • Red Merle and White
  • Red Merle and Tan
  • Red and Tan
  • Red Merle, Tan, and White
  • Tan Merle
  • Seal
  • Slate
  • Slate Merle

The Hanging Tree Dog is a versatile breed with colors that can vary from the typical Black and Tan to an array of different hues. In some cases, these dogs have also been reported to have heterochromia, which means they may have two different colored eyes!


Your Hanging Tree Dog will need about 10-15 ounces of food per day as a puppy. Once it reaches adulthood and grows into its adult size, this pup needs 20 to 22 ounces every other day!

Feeding shouldn’t change too much after reaching maturity as long as you continue giving them 3 or 4 meals each time. But don’t forget those little ones have smaller stomachs, so make sure not to overdo it with how many calories are in one serving for them.


Grooming Hanging Tree Dogs is a piece of cake. Thanks to their smooth and short coats. They don’t need much attention for grooming! This doesn’t mean that you can just let your pup go untended through. Regular brushing will remove all those pesky dander from their skin.

So it’s important enough in itself, not only as prevention against Dog Allergies. Also, these dogs are prone to flea-pod problems if left unchecked by us owners who know what our.

The best Hanging Tree Dog brushes are gentle and quickly eliminate any dead fur, skin, or dander. Avoid steel bristle because it can irritate your dog’s delicate skin!

Although you don’t have to brush your Hanging Tree Dog often, it might be necessary more than other dogs. The creature loves being outside and will happily roll around in the dirt with no problem at all. So baths are vital for keeping its coat healthy!

You’ll need to keep your Hanging Tree Dog clean by bathing them once per week if you see that they are getting too messy. Then it is best for people who own these dogs just about any time of the day or night because most activities happen outside where there could be dirt involved!

The best way would be with dog-friendly itch relief shampoo. Which helps prevent skin problems caused by allergies and irritation from grasses in lawns. Among other things, plus keeps fur healthy so he can stay as beautiful on his journey through life, whether this means exploring new places far away.

Dental Care

Hanging Tree Dogs are strong teeth and need to keep them clean. Dental care is essential to do the jobs right. This includes controlling cattle or livestock as well calming down wild animals with a bite control technique. That uses vocalizations like barking mixed into its bark-like sounder output tone of voice command.

Even If it is your family pet, it is essential to take care of their teeth. An excellent way to brush your Hanging Tree Dog’s teeth would be to use toothpaste explicitly meant made from pets and water additives if they do not enjoy having their mouth cleaned out with an actual brush. 

It’s best not only once per day but twice or even three times! You can also give them some extra drinks that will help keep those pearly whites clean as often-


Hanging Tree Dogs are high-energy pets. Which means they need plenty of exercises every day. Airing out a Hanging Tree Dog is best done in the morning when it’s more relaxed and there’s less chance for sunburns or overheating. Of course, if you have another pet that likes running around outside with your hanging tree dogs, then go ahead!

Otherwise, alternate activities will be necessary to keep these furry friends busy throughout their days, such as herding cattle during working hours then playing fetch indoors after dinner time has begun.

The main problem most people face when owning this type of breed is sustaining enough playtime between work sessions due to the occupation mentioned above. So be sure to make time for play dates with friends who own the same type of dog so they can have a good run around while you’re away!

If you want a dog ready to go the moment its owner gets out of bed in the morning. Hanging Tree Dogs are your perfect match for them. These active puppies need plenty of exercise and will never turn down an opportunity for some fresh air.

Make sure this adventurous pet has enough movement by taking it on long walks every day. Or going out together at least once during each outing as well as making time stop. When they’re playing fetch until fatigue sets into both parties because I know how hard those can be workouts anyway 🙂

This dog is easy to train, so you can also try teaching it how to fetch. Playing a few rounds of fetch every day will keep your Hanging Tree Dog healthy and happy! You’ll have plenty of time for play when their innate urge becomes more robust as they work towards getting what makes them happy.

All for the sake of staying fit with some extra exercise routine from home or outdoorsy activities like hiking trips near me?

Common Health Issues

Hanging Tree Dogs are so healthy. They don’t have any genetic or congenital health conditions! The breed is to live up to 20-30 years of a long lifespan.

Hanging Tree Dog owners love that they don’t have to worry about any health problems with their dogs. The only thing you might have as a concern is potential injuries from work or play. But those can easily be prevented by making sure the dog doesn’t pull too hard on its harness before going up high enough so it won’t cause injury.

If your dog is hurt while herding cattle, you must take it to the vet right away. Although these hounds of Hel can be challenging and sturdy dogs, they’re not invulnerable! Cows, sheep, or goats, for instance, might still manage a few kicks on any given day – even if there’s no fence between them and their attacker (you).

On the other hand, if you’re keeping your Hanging Tree Dog as a family pet, they get hurt because of their high energy and liveliness. They can jump from high surfaces or stumble while running, which will likely cause them some type-o injuries.

I hope this helped explain why these dogs need extra care!

Dog Limping

10 Types of Injuries That Cause Dog Limping – Dog Kennel Outdoor

A dog limping does not necessarily mean he is getting up in years. It could be caused by a host of medical problems, ranging from trauma to subtle chronic conditions. That affects the joints and muscles around your pet’s leg. But there are some likely causes for you as well! Did he have an accident? … Read more


Injuries are common in dogs, and your vet may need to conduct surgery or give them stitches for more severe wounds. Don’t forget about treating a dog’s injury as you would any other human being, though – it needs care just like anyone else!

Challenges of Owning a Hanging Tree Dog

Owning a Hanging Tree Dog can be challenging for the new owner. There are many things to take into consideration. When holding one, including where they will eat if their food is mobile or not and how often people come by with branches on them during storms, etcetera – just some examples!


Hanging Tree Dogs is a high bite rate. The instinctual nature of this breed often makes them challenging to discipline, especially when it involves biting an owner unprovoked on the heels or legs without warning. Something that these dogs do is quite common, even in puppies!

Hanging Tree Dogs don’t “mouth” and instead bite as hard they can. You’ll get some wounds from your puppy while it’s a pup or even when it’s an adult because the Hanging Trees dog doesn’t understand how painful its bites are.

A hanging tree dog will bite you, but not with their mouth. These dogs use teeth to puncture human skin for blood which means there may be scratches all over!

The best solution for this is to train your dog not to bite. Veterinarians recommend using a stern voice and giving it treats every time the pet avoids biting you, which will make him work hard at stopping in the future too!


Hanging tree dogs are chewing on everything and anything. They especially love cables, pillows, socks, or upholstery! Some owners have reported that their dog had destroyed countless items around the house after getting one of these strange pets as a gift from relatives. Who didn’t know what kind of creature it was? But we’ve seen how these things go: One Hanging Tree Dog chews through something. Another shreds his way through two sets before you can say, “ouch.”

One of the best ways to protect your dog from getting into mischief is by making sure that they can’t get access. You may also want to install baby gates or a fence around certain areas you don’t want them going. And have their wires hidden inside something else, so it doesn’t look messy on top of hiding these things from prying eyes!
Final Thoughts
I think the Hanging Tree Dog is a fascinating breed. I find it impressive that Gary Ericsson was able to take on such an ambitious project and create this canine species with so many unique traits, which most other dogs do not share! The Hanging Tree Dog is so healthy because it has such a long lifespan.

I’m sure you want your dog to live a long and happy life with the people around her. If so, this breed would be perfect for you! Hanging Tree Dogs are the perfect dogs for families with ranches and livestock. They love working hard, but it would be a shame to have them as just an average pet- not when their ancestors explicitly bred them to work so well!

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