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Just like people, dogs have a life expectancy too. The average golden dog lifespan is around 13-15 years, while some German shepherds can survive up until 20!

When you own a dog. It is often said that the number one advantage to having one as an animal companion is their loyalty and love. They will always be there for you with open arms when needed. Even if something goes wrong or doesn’t go right in life. Which happens more than likely since no matter what humans do. Dogs cannot avoid experiencing adversity sometimes. They’ll still want answers! The biggest downfall about owning them? Living longer than they do:

A dog is considered “well cared for” if its caretaker takes good responsibility for them and provides the right environment. This includes feeding schedules tailored just for this animal’s needs and Huluing or walking him regularly outside every day. But no matter how much we love our pets, they will eventually die one day. Hence, it’s best not to get attached too profoundly because there may be nothing left but heartache

dog lifespan

How Long Do Mixed Breed Dogs Live?

Mixed breed dogs have a life expectancy that varies based on their weight. The smaller the dog, the longer they will live. But even large breeds can be expected only to live between 11-12 years when weighed under 20 pounds and 8+ if over 90 lbs (State Of Pet Health 2013 Report).

But what is the longevity rate for dogs? Is an “average” lifespan enough to understand when your fur baby becomes old or geriatric? The best way we can think about this question in human terms will give you a better idea of how long. They may live versus other breeds– take their Dog Years (DW) and convert them into Human Ages(HA). If one has 100 DW. They would be considered young adulthood while another with 1500 DY could attain senior citizenship status!

dog lifespan

The information about a dog lifespan won’t help owners plan for the time. They’ll have together, but it can at least give them some peace of mind knowing their pet will be well cared for.


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