Dog Crate Furniture

For those of you who have a dog. You know how hard it can be to find Dog Crate Furniture that not only looks good but is also functional. With the increase in popularity for modern living spaces and sleek design. Finding furniture for your pet can sometimes feel like an impossible task. But don’t worry!

We’ve got you covered with our list of some great options below. Plus, if you’re looking for more inspiration on what pieces to include in your own space. We’ve included links to some inspiring rooms that showcase these items beautifully!

Dog Crates So Pretty You’ll Want to Display Them.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I love dog crate furniture. They are so versatile. That can be used for anything from keeping your pup safe. At the same time, he eats, storing their food and toys to act as a cozy den when they need some time away from the kids (or other pets). And with all those possible uses. It’s no wonder that many people now use them as stylish furniture pieces. We’ve rounded up our favorite examples of pretty dog crate furniture below!

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Canine Credenza


dog crate furniture

The design of this Canine credenza is simply unmatched. Not only are the pieces made from high-quality. Sustainable materials (they’re certified by Forest Stewardship Council). But its sliding double doors make it easy for you to use. While two dovetailed drawers provide helpful spaces in which pets can hide treats or toys, sharing an interior space with their pet parent’s bedding needs.

A soft dog crate will fit easily within each size variant. Available on our website, so customers don’t need to worry about running out before another shipment comes through. As long as they order soon enough at Artisans’ Acres Design.

The durable construction ensures these desktop units last longer. Then most other furniture options thanks mostly because there aren’t any cheap plastic parts.

Fable Crate

dog crate furniture

The Fable crate is a modern take on the tradition of dog kennels. You were made with bentwood sides and an option for metal or clear acrylic doors. This CrateCrate offers incredible durability while remaining understated in design that will be perfect as your pet gains more weight. You can even store their food inside if necessary. But make sure you close all latches before going out. Because they’re not very trustworthy when left unlocked like most dogs are wont to do sometimes…

The amazing thing about these Kuranda Macaques from Petlinks is how much care has been put into making them. Look both stylish yet loyal at once: The thick rope handles evoke strength without being overbearing; elegant curves give way.

Revol Dog Crate

dog crate furniture


The Revol Dog Crate is perfect for any pup that needs to go on the road. Its making is with mesh and a single-piece frame. They are making it much safer than traditional wire dog enclosures at your local shelter or vet clinic. The diamond-shaped sides help restrict jaw movement while also providing plenty of ventilation.

So you don’t have to worry about overheating in the summer months when temps soar past 100 degrees F outside. Or getting too cold during wintertime if nobody likes bundling up inside one more second than necessary. And because this CrateCrate doesn’t collapse flat as other models do; once they

Stelly Large Double Wide Credenza Pet Crate

The best way to maximize your living space is by utilizing every inch of it. The dog owner with a large breed may have trouble fitting everything they need in one house. So why not get two dogs? This Stelly Large Double Wide Credenza Pet Crate will be able to hold pretty much anything from feeding bowls. All the way up until extra-large food dishes that can accommodate even obese pets! You’ll also find plenty of drawer storage spaces inside, ready for storing treats or toys while keeping them away from you.

As long as there are no sharp objects present within this unit outside. Its exterior walls then either yourself OR significant other should have no problem operating this Credenza.

Petco Crate

This modern Petco Crate will help your canine companion be the king or queen of their very own castle. These house-shaped sleeping quarters come with a see-through acrylic door. So plenty of light gets in for them to observe their surroundings. At the same time, they feel safe inside this personal space that feels like home.

Thanks to its cream-colored walls and oodles ventilation holes. There is even more reason why you should purchase one: The custom paint jobs available allow owners not only to add any logos they want. But also have someone else’s pet name emblazoned on top after being commissioned by either company themselves or another owner just as much loved.


WLOWood is one of the most unusual shape crates on the market. This kennel is sure to be a conversation starter. This easy-to-assemble piece can come in four sizes and six wood colors with your choice for custom cushioning so that Fido will feel cozy inside his new home. You’re even able to attach an engraved plaque telling everyone where he lives. Don’t forget about adding “PET” at no extra charge (that’s right!).

Brook Corner Credenza

Make your home stylish and beautiful with this unique CrateCrate. The solid wood triangle-shaped base will provide the perfect place for you to sit down. In contrast, it was giving Fido his own private spot. It comes in more than two dozen different colors. So there’s sure to be one that matches any decorating style or color theme. Not just what’s already present in yours (and it can come complete with three top finishes).

Menzel Modern Lattice Pet Crate

Do you have a modern, contemporary space that needs to be personalise? The Menzel Modern Lattice Pet Crate. Like side table is the perfect solution. This Dog Crate Furniture is a latticed design and light airflow. It will not only give your home an innovative look but also provide plenty of ventilation for both people living in or visiting the room as well. It can hold up 300 pounds without even worrying about how big their dog might end up being. Thanks…

Here’s another sleek-looking piece – this one styled after animal enclosures ( dog crate furniture ). No matter what type they are, small dogs need tidying too.


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