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Do you want a cuddly pet but can’t stand the sniffles that come with burrowing your face into their soft fur? If so, then hypoallergenic dogs might be what’s needed. These types of dog breeds that don’t shed and emit no allergens. This makes them perfect for those looking to avoid these annoying symptoms altogether!

Don’t count out owning one as well-the American Kennel Club. That has pointed us towards some adorable pooches who will give unconditional love in return without leaving behind any evidence either way.

Bichon Frise

Breeds That Don't Shed

The bichon frise is a small, fluffy white Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed with an adorable personality. They make excellent pets because they’re hypoallergenic and great for allergy sufferers. The name “Bichita” in French meaning “fluffy,” or the cotton ball comes from this breed’s long fur texture.

This can be seen on most parts of its body, including around the face where it grows down past its paws- something you’ll never want to miss seeing if your home has one of these cuties hanging around!

Miniature Schnauzer

Breeds That Don't Shed

For Schnauzer fans who want a small, energetic dog to keep them company. But don’t have the space for an extra-large breed such as German Shepherds or Golden Retrievers. This is just what you need. These brave watch dogs can be found shedding minimally and loving games of fetch time!


For the adventurous, genealogically inclined, or simply looking for an intelligent companion to keep you company at home in your day-to-day life, poodle lovers have plenty of options.

The more versatile schnauzer is a great breed choice. But there’s also just one hypoallergenic variety that includes toy versions as well! Plus. These Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed are extremely easy trainable, making them popular all over the U.S., Though some people might still prefer their own kind. So go ahead and get yourself whichever type resonates most with you out of those fancy clips…

The traditional cut protects water-loving joints while swimming which I think looks heckin’ adorable too 😉

Yorkshire Terrier

Breeds That Don't Shed

Sweet-faced tiny Yorkies are the perfect pet for anyone who wants a dog that fits in their purse or lap. Their fine hairs have a texture more similar to humans, so they won’t make you sneeze! But if regular grooming is essential, beware – these pups require some TLC themselves with regular brushing and maintenance just like any other fur baby would need.

Shih Tzu

Breeds That Don't Shed

The Shih Tzu is a centuries-old, almighty “lion dog” that hails from ancient China. They’re known as royalty with their regal looks and friendly personas thanks to the long hair they naturally grow. This means your pup will need more care than most breeds of dogs! Get them use to regular brushing at home or ask an experience groomer for help. If you take good care of this delicate breed, he’ll be happy in both appearances (long fur!) AND inside out


Breeds That Don't Shed

The Chihuahua may be the world’s most underrated Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed. While they’re not huge, these diminutive dogs average just under seven pounds and can get up to about 13 inches long from head-to-toe. Not only that, but their coat makes them hypoallergenic. So you don’t need an allergic reaction while cuddling with your favorite little lap poodle.

Although some people might call this petite pooch a toy or even say it doesn’t make a good guard animal due to its small size (they were bred in ancient Greece as treasure guards). We think there is no better friend on earth than one who will snuggle right into bed.

Portuguese Water Dog

Sunny and Bo Obama are two of the most famous curly-haired Portuguese water Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed in recent history. They helped put this pup’s sweet face on many people’s radar. Which isn’t surprising considering they’re always up for some playtime! These silly dogs will adapt well to any household because their laid-back personalities make them perfect additions no matter what type or size home you live in.

Scottish Terrier

The Scottie dog is a great pet for those looking to have an independent and sometimes stubborn personality. They were originally bred as fierce hunters. So their wiry coats protected them in all climates. Today’s Scotties will probably spend most of their time on the couch!

Giant Schnauzer

The giant Schnauzers are a huggable, cuddly breed who have signature shaggy eyebrows of fur. But don’t worry – they’re not so heavy-duty on the sniffles! The moderate grooming requirements mean you need to get yourself an excellent dog brush for these magnificent mongrels’ needs. With their large size and intelligent temperament, it’s easy to see why these guys make such great family pets with tasks galore.

West Highland Terrier

Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

Westies are very active, friendly dogs that will keep you on your toes with their constant playful antics. They’re small enough to be carries everywhere but still pack a lot of personalities!

This spirited breed will be your best friend if you give them the exercise and attention they require. Learn more about why owning a Westie can be so rewarding!


Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

Havanese dogs are happy and curious, sporting long silky coats. The king or queen-like appearance will be shown through the color of their jacket. If left longer, then this hound can look positively regal with its luxurious locks swaying as they go about playing. These friendly companion’s shorter clips make them perfect for easy maintenance while also allowing more time spent together during your day – what could be better than that!?

Afghan Hound

Dog Breeds That Don't Shed


The joy of owning a dog is in knowing you’ll be spending lots of quality time with them. They’re great for companionship, but they need care too! Make grooming sessions an everyday bonding ritual between the two. Don’t forget it’s just as important to brush their coat when needed than giving him treats all day long every single second like I do my pup at home (he loves those!).

Grooming is one thing that makes our furry friends feel loved because this task helps keep up on things such as keeping his fur clean or getting rid of any mats if there were any present beforehand. It’s also about making sure everything looks good together – including facial expressions.


Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

The basenji is a very unusual and attractive breed of dog, with some unique features. That make it stand out from other species. For instance, this small animal does not howl or yap as most hounds do! The coat on their fur sheds minimally. So you won’t even know they live in your home – unless, of course, mats are forming due to uncleaned hair cuttings at all hours.

Cairn Terrier

Lots of coarse-haired terriers shed less than other groups, making the wiry-coated breeds an intelligent choice for allergy sufferers. Owners especially love Cairn terriers with their fearless personalities. You may recognize this breed as Toto in The Wizard of Oz!

Bedlington Terrier

Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

Bedlington terriers have been one of the most popular breeds for decades. These gentle, cuddly dogs make excellent watchdogs and downtime partners as they grow distinctive poofs at the top of their heads to give them a lamb-like appearance. Making them very sought after in recent years. If you want an affectionate pet without all those bothersome groomings.

Then opt for fewer maintenance short clips instead-but professionals will spend plenty of time styling up this curly wooly coat. Hence, even if it’s long enough to sleep on your terms come rain or shine, these little guys look picture perfect from every angle, thanks mainly due to how much work goes into making sure everything looks perfect both inside out.

Coton de Tulear

Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

The “royal dog of Madagascar,” this guy will follow you around the house like a cheerful little shadow. The Pronounced CoTAWN day two-LEGARE is descended from dogs who survived an ancient shipwreck near Madagascar. They resemble bichons with their soft white hair! Unlike traditional fur, it won’t aggravate your allergies, so get one today while supplies last.

Irish Water Spaniel

Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

The Irish water spaniel is a hypoallergenic breed that can be find in the sporting group. It has natural-born swimming skills and loves to play around lakes or near any body of saltwater. They’re allows access too!

The terrier family includes many popular breeds such as English Cocker Spaniel, Sussex Blackberry Patterdale Terrier, and Manchester White Foxhound. Among others but did you know about their friendliness towards humans? If allergies are preventing you from enjoying pets, then don’t hesitate to adopt an IWS. These passive pooches will offer both companionship prosciutto Crudo dimensions along with insulation against airborne triggers like pollen.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

Lagotto are small, cuddly pups that will steal your heart? With their wooly coats and affectionate personalities, they’re everything a dog lover could want! While these gentle giants may seem like simple house pets at first glance, there’s one thing Lagotto has up his sleeve. Truffle hunting skills found only in the most elite canines…

I should know because he is my pup (and certified gourmet chef).

Lhasa Apso

Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

The Lhasa Apso is a small breed that was bred to serve as guard dogs at monasteries and palaces in the heights of the Himalayas. This dog loves brisk walks but can be very playful with its owners on short ones too. They’re also known for clowning around frequently. Which helps maintain trimming minimal, even if left longer fur like many full-grown pets need due to their fluffy nature (most people keep them trimmed).

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

The adorable Wheaten terrier hardly needs an introduction. It is all in the name: these hypoallergenic dogs grow soft coats that match, well…wheat! The incredibly friendly Wheaties are so welcoming they give off signature “Wheaten greets”. Where they jump up to meet their owners on arrival with kisses and licks for cheeks or hands if it’s during playtime.

Truly a fantastic creature fit only for your home (or office)! Their unique coat doesn’t shed much but keeps them well-groomed. Just like how you keep clothes clean by brushing away any mats before putting them into use again because then no one will know what state those dirty floorboards were found.

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