Hi, my name is Jon Smith & I am the co-founder of Dog Kennel Outdoor. My love for dogs started when they were just babies in their own homes – now that’s what we call a true partnership!

My fur kid has been by far one of my favorite people to research with because he loves new things as much or even more than me (and there aren’t many things he doesn’t like), from finding out which food works best on sensitive stomachs all way through potty training.

Well, let’s say if you have an animal friend, then this site will provide everything from bamboo chews & beds made from natural materials such as a cotton rope to low-cost toys you can find at the grocery store. Even better, we took it one step further and dedicated our blog to sharing dog-friendly recipes & goodies for pet parents who love to spoil their pups.

We know there’s a lot of info out on the internet when it comes to choosing what to do for your pup, but we want you to make sure that whatever decision is made will be one worth making. That means taking our advice and Reviews into account, too – since these folks are experts in their field!

A place where dog lovers can come together to find trusted reviews (and advice), chatty articles about man’s best friend; A trusted source is giving people all they need from day 1–whether this involves finding an awesome chew Toy or figuring out how to stop that annoying barking.

Regardless if you are a 1st-time dog parent or have been one your whole life- there’s always something here to improve the quality of life for your beloved dogs and puppies!
dogkenneloutdoor.com is not a medical resource, and we are not veterinarians, but Dog Lovers Pups has the best recipes for your furry friends!

We encourage you to always talk with an experienced professional before deciding what product might work best on their specific health condition. Just as they would recommend talking with someone, no one gets hurt because of misinformation online if there are questions regarding your or another pet’s well-being.